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Description: I own a Multimedia & Gaming company in Dayton, Oh and will be hosting a show which includes a car show, video game tournament, and Cosplay competition. There will be a combination of Cosplayers, Gamers, and Custom vehicle enthusiasts; the show will feature The Parker Brothers from Parker Brothers Concepts and the Syfy channel show DreamMachines as well as several Cosplayers: Living Ichigo, Fanservice Renji, Candy Keane, Jenifer Ann, and Jean Gomez, The Broken Lights (local band) and Trevin Hunte from season 3 of The Voice. The show will be September 28th and 29th. Move in date is Friday September 27th. We plan on having an after party on Saturday, a Cosplay Ball on sunday and a forum where people can ask questions regarding cosplaying.

Location: Dayton Airport Expo Center 3900 McCauley Dr Vandalia, Oh 45377


Volunteer Info: We need volunteers to help out with a Cosplay Flash Mob for the show.

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