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Cosplayer Ceili Murphy > Costume of Giorno Giovanna (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Giorno Giovanna
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Costume worn at:
Anime Weekend Atlanta 2017
Super-con 2017
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Fabrics used: 2-way Stretch Faux Leather from Spandex World, White and Black Broadcloth from Joanns, Simply Silky Print Chiffon Fabric- Foil Damask from Joanns, and I can't find the fabric I used for the gold details but I think it was a lining fabric from Joanns

Ladybugs- 3D printed and painted using acrylic paint and nail polish, attached to suit with velcro; The original model was made by 1paprile on Thinkverse

Collar pieces- Dollar Tree Roses and Feathers from Joanns spray painted gold and hot glued together and onto a piece of craft foam with velcro to attach to collar

Shoes- Men's Oxford Zip Ups from Amazon painted with Angelus Leather Paint in Green and handsewn ladybug charms on zippers from Joanns

The zipper charm I made using an old ladybug charm I had on hand, a metal heart from an old choker, and a keychain clip. I hand sewed the three together so that it could be taken on and off the zipper to go on either side of the suit.

As for the actual construction! I used the black broadcloth to make a pattern mockup. The pattern I made I based off McCall???s Civil War Uniform pattern (M4745 A). For the front of my jacket I used the back pattern and modified it for the open chest and to make it flare at the bottom. Once done, I traced it to the white broadcloth which I used two layers of as an interfacing and because the Chiffon was slightly opaque and I wanted the color to look solid.

I then traced the pattern onto the Chiffon and made my lining in full. It ended up looking like its own finished product (minus the hemming). That???s when I got in to ambitious and decided to make the entire thing reversible. I then, again traced my pattern onto the pleather (adjusting it with ways I found fit better with in the lining) and made another jacket this time with only the pleather.

Before sewing the lining and outer layer together I added the details like the pocket flaps, lines, and velcro to attach the ladybugs to both sides. Finally, I sewed both pieces together inside out where the jacket closed and around the front opening and collar, leaving the bottoms of both jackets separated. I also put in the reversable zipper at this time.

To finish it originally, I added the gold trim to the bottom and around the cut out. I ended up hand sewing the sleeves shut since it was such a small area with 4 layers of fabric. I also had my friend Jake (jakewayii on instagram) help me add the diamonds to the back on the dark side as at this point I was rushing to finish. To add the diamonds we used about a foot long stripe of iron-on vinyl and cut the diamond pattern out in one piece. My friend measured and cut out the diamonds and I ironed them on carefully at a low setting to not burn the pleather.

Later on, I went back and finished the reverse side and did the same thing to add navy diamonds to the back. I also took the gold fabric off the chest cutout because it got extremely twisted on the white and gold side. I replaced it with a pattern of square studs and small flowers handsewn on. I also added a clasp to the top because The collar kept pulling open more than I like. The clasp is actually hand sewn onto snaps to go on either side of the suit.

The pants I used the same Civil War pattern???s pants except I skipped every part about the zipper. I made two pairs- one with the chiffon and one with the pleather and I sewed them together to make the reversible pants and added an elastic waistband to keep them on.
Personal Thoughts:
I gotta say I bit off a lot more than I could chew with this cosplay and underestimated how hard and how long it would take to make this cosplay. It especially didn't help that the first time I went to make an entirely reversible cosplay was for a cosplay with an already would be difficult to make. Oops. Still, I'm super proud of this outfit and learned a lot for if I ever make other variations of it!
Wig Details
Wig Brand
Arda Wigs
Wig Name
Jareth Long
Original Color:
Fairy Blonde
Styling Time
2 weeks with very on and off work (Total time was probably closer to 8-12 hours)
Styling Notes
Separated hair into two layers, bottom and top. Bottom became the braid, and top I added layers to to make it look more spikey. I tried to cut long pieces of hair off, which I later used to make the hair rolls in the front for the first attempt. I went back in later and hand sewed wefts that I braided and rolled because I liked how that looked. When I finished the braid I added a stripe of the pleather used in the jacket as a hairband and tiny flowers just for extra details.
Wig Review
This is the most complicated wig I've done and though I know there's a lot I can improve on I'm still proud of it. Maybe I'll remake it someday if I get really good at wig styling, but for now I'm just going to touch it up on various occasions
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