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Cosplayer EverythingMan > Costume of Vash the Stampede (Trigun)

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Vash the Stampede
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Anime Expo 2011
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About this Costume
Personal Thoughts:
Yay! This cosplay is hands down my favorite one so far! When I started cosplaying I had two dream characters that I wanted to do, Vash the Stampede and Ruroni Kenshin. Scratch one off that list!

My fiancé (anime_wench) already had a Meryle costume bedew we ever met, so I knew that I would eventually get around to this costume. Then one day we found out that the "Anime Duster" that would be perfect for Vash was going on clearence. It was now or never. So after a little bit of tailoring, and some modifications, my coat was done!

After the coat was done, the only major things to worry about was the gun-arm, boots, and, of course, Vash's Revolver! My fiancé had a genious idea for the gun-arm: we cut the sleeve off an old leather jacket donated to the cosplay fund by my mom. We then went to all the thrift stores in the area and purchased all the cheap belts we could fine. For the arm we replaced all the buckles so it would be a little more uniform. The rest of the buckles served to accent the boots I had already - which were very much not combat boots, but you do what you can when you're broke and unemployed.

That just leaves the Revolver. I searched everywhere I could find to get one of the resin model kits that I'd seen floating around the web for so many years. To my surprise, no one is making or selling them anymore!! So I decided to make my own! We bought a dicast-aluminum cap gun to serve as the base, and a few friends and myself put our heads together to make a badass barrel.

Oh, I forgot to mention the last piece of the character! The hair! I actually bleached my hair (the first time in my life I've ever done anything like that) because I couldn't find any blonde temporary spray! I guess people only like having crazy colored hair... To get my hair to stick straight up we had to rat it like crazy, while spraying hair glue. Similar to Spike, but instead of poofy, it went straight up!

Then all that was left was the photoshoot!!
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