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Cosplayer Ulfgar The Terrible > Costume of Red XIII (Final Fantasy VII)

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Final Fantasy VII
Special Variation:
Wild Tribal Humanoid
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Best Videogame/Anime Character - M.E.Wcon 2010
Costume worn at:
Aki-Con 2010
MEWcon 2010
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Almost no work involved in the construction of the costume itself. The Pants ------------ Made of cotton. Really easy, we took a harem pants design and modified it for a slightly higher waist, since I have no hips to hold my pants up. XD I did the leg "tattoos" with sharpie because at the time I lacked paint. There is elastic in the waist and in the legs. The Fur! -------- Wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs where made with the same fur. Leather was put on the underside of the wrist ones to prevent chaifing. The Tail was attached with safty pins so that I can wash the pants if I needed to. The tail was sewn with the same material as the cuffs. The flame was this really irradecent fabric that shreads really easily. I really liked it once it started to fray at the ends, giving it this really firy look. The Belt --------- The belt was possibly the most simple out of the whole thing to make. I already had a leather loop belt and the drinking horn. From there I added a canvas loin cloth in the front and in the back. On the front one I hot glued several pieces of leather to give it a "cow hide" look. Because, lets face it. Cow Hide is sometimes expensive to get your hands on when your poor! I added a hand made leather pouch out of purple leather and called it done. Later on I added some rabbit fur that I received as a gift from a dealer at Akicon 2010 for having a nifty cosplay. The waist sash was some left over red fabric from the pants. I cut holes in it with a knife to give it a shreaded look and called it good. It really added a look to the costume to really add that tribal look. Tattoos -------- The one on my chest is my own design and it is REAL. Yes, I'm a FFVII fanboy and have my own Red XIII tattoo. The others depend solely on whom is close by to paint them on me. I once paid a face painter to do them for me. He enjoyed it and I liked the final outcome. It looked really sharp and crisp, almost like I had them inked on for real! Skin Color ----------- No, not airbrush, not really bad spray on dye. I used Paradise cake makeup. Red BA.H-01. A semi-soft, water activated, moist cake makeup. I used a cosmetic spunge and some water and went to town. It takes about a half hour and at least two people to help put it on. Usually takes about two or three showers to remove it, or one shower and A LOT of rags and soap. Stains the tub. Its sort of a risk at a Hotel, but I've never been charged for the cost of the towels. xD
Wig Details
Wig Brand
Wig Name
Long Spikey
Original Color:
Red with black roots
Styling Time
Two Days
Styling Notes
Okay, so I used the Amphigory Punky XL wig with black base and red tips. I didn't actually cut much off, I styled the wig upside down first, to make the "mohawk" stand out. I used Got2B Glued Freezing Spray and LOTS OF IT. Once the spikes where solid, I turned the wig back over and started braiding it. Each of the two side braids where made up of three smaller braids each. The middle "back" braid was just a single thick braid. The bangs where cut short so that they didn't obscure my face and I kept them long enough so that it didn't offset the rest of the hair line. Each of the side hair peices where left the origonal length so that I can put the wooden beads on. I painted each bead the approprate color and slid them on. After that I used the last bit of fur to create the ears. I used shaggy brown fur to create the "inner ear" fuzz. Using a friend, I donned the wig and handed her the hot glue gun and with an evil smile, she set to work putting the ears on my head. The last to go on where the feathers. I grabbed some feathers from Craft Warehouse and hot glued them in. Nothing special, just six feathers and some hot glue.
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