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Cosplayer Outlaw > Costume of The Punisher (Punisher)

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The Punisher
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The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe
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Construction Difficulty:
Very Easy
Marvel Prizes.
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Disclaimer: This is a joke. I have written this like an actual Punisher War Journal Entry trying to use the Punisher’s mindset. If you are not familiar with “The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Punisher_Kills_the_Marvel_Universe) this may not make sense. I am quite a big fan of Marvel and have been for a long time. (There is some DC here as well, but the Punisher does not discriminate who he punishes.)

War Journal Entry: 28/10/2009 There was an announcement of a “Mutant Cure” in New York City’s Union Square that was being publicized by Marvel, the same company that makes the exploits of various so-called “superheroes” into comic form and looks to make their exploits look heroic.
I knew that this would be a place where various so-called superheroes and even some supervillains might show up to be themselves, and as such would be punished.

I encountered a comedian by the name of “Uncle Yo” who was taking pictures as I punished those who deserved to be punished.

I encountered quite a few so-called superheroes and villains and they were punished. The first I fought was the mutant Colossus, whose adamantium skin resisted the first round of bullets, so the solution? Use Vibranium weaponry: Plastic bullets full of vibranium. He soon fell.

Wolverine came after, who also had adamantium claws. Also used vibranium bullets to dissolve the adamantium “shielding” on his cranium, and then I ended him, with explosive rounds.

Next came a battle with She-Hulk, who while difficult to dispose of, did have some weaknesses. She did have a healing factor, but all that means, I just had to keep shooting until she no longer moved.

Dr. Doom decided to appear and he was summarily dispatched. His nuclear missiles would be useful later…

Harley Quinn then showed up. She was psychotic follower of a twisted villain, who calls himself “The Joker” she was only human, so she was dispatched quite easily.

Then there was Fury and Deadpool. Fury despite taking that serum of his was still mortal. The same with Deadpool, he had excelerated healing abilities, and first tried to killed Fury and myself as we argued. Fury got him first with the gun he was pointing at me, and then I got Fury, and sliced off Deadpool’s own head with his swords, after he was down. I do not think he could regenerate from that. At least no one has to listen to the “merc with a mouth” anymore.

Then there was Peter Parker, the secret identity of the menace known as Spider-man. He was out with Mary Jane, maybe just reporting for the Daily Bugle, but I matched his voice from a prior encounter, and proceeded with punishment. He tried to reason with me, but there is no reasoning, only punishment. Mary Jane’s screamed as she saw that Spider-man has spun his last web.

Ms. Marvel arrived last thinking that she could stop me. And she fell too.

Then the Sentinels came… Glad I had a bigger gun.
Personal Thoughts:
Very simple, very real cosplay. I will be doing him again. Any volunteers to be Punished? (This is another cosplay of mine that uses real clothes.) Works well for me.
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