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Hi everyone, I'm Teagueful. I've been cosplaying since around 1997 but I didn't start getting serious about it until around 2003, and I'm still trying to improve. I like sparkles and Hello Kitty and I'm really terrible at writing bios so I'm making my friend do it for me.

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Lord_Branwen says, "How do you get your wig to keep from Getting messy? I am having the most trouble with it right now, do you have any tips on how to keep it from getting messed up?"
For Undertaker from Black Butler
iheartexploding says, "dude i love how well made everything is and how much detail you put in to this! you are the first person to have the sash gauzy and odd like i would imagine it if it were a real outfit.this is just awesome."
For Undertaker from Black Butler
nemisis47 says, "Nice, Axel before Org. XIII."
For Lea from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep