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Hi Everyone,

I've now been to 11 Cosplay / Anime Conventions and I Love every minute of them. At my first convention (Youmacon 2009) I wore my first Cosplay outfit of a Science Department Lt Commander from the original Star Trek series. I was wearing a "Spock" shirt but many people thought that I looked like Cadet Dr McCoy from the latest Star Trek movie that came out a couple of months before this convention. I got a lot of attention and many people took photos of me.

I was at first surprised and then very happy by all of the attention that I got at Youmacon 2009. That first convention got me hooked on Cosplaying. I have had a great time going to other anime / cosplay conventions over the years and it's like walking into a another world.

For my second outfit I created an original character cosplay based on the Dungeon and Dragons table top game version. In that early version of D & D everyone picks a race and a type of character to create. Then dice rolls create their characters stats and then you, the player, creates the personality of the character based on their good or evil alignment, race, and type of character. I choose a "Celtic Cleric" created from scratch for that second cosplay outfit. :)

My first Anime Cosplay outfit(3rd Cosplay Outfit Overall) was a lot of fun to come up with. It's Syaoran from the "Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles" Anime Series. Syaoran's character outfit was a challenge to create because I had to find, buy, and make parts of it. My sister altered a shirt for me and made a cape for me which I'm very grateful for. It took a year to put together and many cosplayers like the details of the outfit. In the series Syaoran was falling in Love with Princess Sakura, his childhood friend. I have found and posed with a couple of different Princess Sakura cosplayers. The first time I even went into character when I saw her.

As time has gone by I have watched more and more anime series and can't seem to watch enough of them. I'm an amateur photographer and for me it's a photographers dream come true for Cosplayers to pose for me. If you're curious you can check out photos that I have taken at different cons that I have gone to over the years. Looking at my photos you can tell that the more conventions that I have gone to the better that my cosplay photos have turned out.

I'm now a "Cosplay Photographer". When I go to conventions I made a big effort to find cosplayers that are popular and ones that I like a lot myself. The types of Cosplayers that I take photos of the most are Anime, DC / Marvel Comics, Disney, and Video Games. When I take a Cosplay Photo I make an effort to focus on the cosplayer them self who is dressed up as one of the their favorite characters instead of just the technical details of taking the photograph. I make the most of the "Auto" setting of the really good Cannon camera that I have.

I have done photoshoots and taken more individual photos of cosplayers than I can count. I showcase their character, series, and certainly their outfit. It's a great joy to show off their creations to my family, friends, fans, and to the cosplayer them self.

This webpage on ACParadise is the first website that I used to show off my personal cosplays. Then I moved onto Cosplay.com and started to showcase other peoples cosplay outfits. Now I'm on both Deviant Art and have a Facebook Cosplay Photography page. You can check out my current work at:

http://smithers456.deviantart.com/ &

Please make note that I rarely go onto ACParadise or Cosplay.com anymore. So please go to either Deviant Art or my Facebook Photography page to see new Cosplay Photos that I have taken and learn more about what I do and updates on what conventions that I'm going to in the future.

On my Deviant Art page I showcase both my own cosplay outfits and the photos that I take of other cosplayers. On my Facebook Photography Page I showcase Artists (Drawing / Painting), Other Cosplayers, and other Cosplay Photographers in addition to posting the cosplay photos that I have taken over the years. I hope that you enjoy my photography work and my 3 Cosplay outfits as well.

Smithers456 (Ron)

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smithers456 says, "I can't wait to show off my first "true" Anime Cosplay outfit of Syaoran. I added functional goggles and a much better wig. This outfit is all set to go on an actual Archaeology dig. :) "
For Syaoran from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Ammie says, "Star Trek is soooo FANTASTIC!!! I love the classic uniforms too!! You look great! I hope to see more Star Trek costumes from you XD"
For Lt Commander from Star Trek