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I am Giant Alucard, or the Chibi.... or Dan, lol! What ever floats you boat really, so take your pick. I'm a giant, I'm a nerd/dork, but I love what do so don't judge! I've been in the cosplay scene since 2000, so I sometimes feel really old, but I've hung out with many of the friends i've met over that time. I usually cosplays that complement my large size (alucard, guts, auron) but will sometimes do a stupid/funny costume just because the voices in my head tell me to. But back to the fact I'e a huge nerd! I love reading and doing illustration, watching anime and basic being a dork whenever I can. On the other hand, I love to work out and play sports, and then have crazy nights out on the town with my friends (normally keeping them from causing mischief). Don't be afraid to say hi sometime and keep me from being lazy!

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