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Hello! I'm Sai :3 I've been cosplaying since 1999 and attended Otakon as my first convention! Uhhh not sure what all to say about myself. Enjoy the photos?

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Boredhorror says, "haha I wish to see these shoes xD awesome job- you make a great phoenix :D"
For Phoenix Wright from Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations
bunny.jack says, "nyaaa !!!!! you all look so cute >."
For Ryuichi Sakuma from Gravitation
ryuichigravi says, "I like you as Ryu. You make a nice Ryu. :)"
For Ryuichi Sakuma from Gravitation
MissLindsie says, "Your cosplay outfit comes close to the character on the show!"
For Zero from Code Geass
qa99 says, "Great group. :D"
For Heero Yuy from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing