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So my name is Riku (yes Riku was taken so it is double the letter in the top name)

I have been cosplaying since 1996...

Well I am a crazy person who likes to have a good time. I value my friends, because without them I wouldn't be the person that I am today.

Name: Riku-Kaylan (Aka Rylan) Elliott Winter

Gender: Male

Birth date: 7/29

Ethnicity: English-American and some German

Occupation: Costume Commissioner / Singer

Favorite food: I really don't know I love all kinds of things.

Least favorite food: Pork chops/Turkey... My parents have scared me from these foods for the rest of my life.

Hobbies: Cosplaying obviously. Singing and dancing. Art. Listing to music. Skateboarding. Animals. So much more.

There is so much more about me that I just can't fit here so if you wish to know just ask! XD

Taiyo Cosplay: Custom costumes and more!

Next Convention Appearance:

Celestial Shortcut URL:
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