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05/24/16 - Events for Anime Expo and Otakon
Be sure to check out our events section for a wide selection of casting calls!

03/15/16 - Sailor Moon / Star Wars Casting Calls
Sailor Moon casting call for Anime Expo has been CLOSED. Decisions date will likely be pushed back from 3/15/16 due to the amount of last minute entries and edits. Good luck to all the entrants!

You still have time to enter the Sailor Moon casting call for Otakon!
Deadline to enter will be 3/30/15 11:59 EST.

We are also scouting for Star Wars cosplayers for a May the Fourth Event in Chicago

01/31/16 - Anime LA 2016 Convention Report
Anime Los Angeles, in it's 12th year has finally departed the LAX hotel area to move to Ontario, CA (as many other conventions in that area have also done due to hotel issues)
If you're just here for photos and to tag your friends you can get on it!
For the full coverage of the masquerade, with all the commercials edited out

Now for the TLDR
This was a fine move to the Ontario Convention Center. The convention needs to grow and it sure did.
8000 attendance, with 7500~ warm bodies through the turnstiles.
Parking is usually $9 at the OCC, but due to some swag negotiations, it's $7 with no in and our privileges and very affordable for the local otaku.
There's also plenty of space to park, and the stalls are a good size so you aren't claustrophic and worried about door dings.
The two main hotels are the Radisson and the Doubletree
The Radisson is the "Party" Hotel and houses the con suite, gaming, pool and the prize patrol. It's also a bit on the older ratchety side.
If comfort and spacious living is more your thing, then pick the Doubletree. Both are a walk away from the convention center.
There's not much choice of food in the convention center but Food Trucks and walking distance restaurants make dining options much better than they were at LAX (Carl's Jr)
Once you get into the convention center, you'll find something that the old ALA didn't have much of.... space.
Plenty of space for photos, much better lighting (not yellow) and a TWO story Gazebo area (take that Katsucon!)
Photos are great for school, hi tech, industrial and you'd have the journey out a little bit for fantasy/outdoors shots
The Main Stage for the Masquerade can accommodate much more people, and the masquerade grew from average 25-30 entries to 40 entries!
Exhibition Hall is expanded to 4 longer aisles and is combined with 2 aisles of Artist Alley and the Autograph area
All in all a great move for the first convention of the year in the Southern California area, so make plans for next year!

May 30, 2016
May 29, 2016