Any Critics out there?

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Any Critics out there?

Post by Black4Anime » Sun Jan 27, 2008 1:09 pm


Ashley-Original Character

A:Hello. And Welcome back to Celebrity Jeopardy. Before we begin are Double Jeopardy round. I must warn the audience that if you continue on watching this show, your IQ will drop severely.

A: Now lets take a look at the score.

A: With 0 points we have Chii.

C: Hideki!

A: For the last time Chii, Hideki is not here.

C: -Looks sad-

A: In second place with negative 1000 points is Inuyasha.

A: Mr. Inuyasha are you even trying to win.

M- Shut up you damn, cat. I just doing this until Kagome come back from her 3 day trip to somewhere. By the way have you ever heard of an event called PMS?

A: Unfortunately, yes, but lets not talk about that right now. In third place with an amazingly negative 5000 points, we have L.

A: Mr. L, I have heard rumors that you are smart. Is it possible that the people I talked to were morons.

CC: It can't be helped. Since I am force to stand my reasoning abilities has dropped about 40%. -Suddenly looks around the room- Do you smell cheese?

A: -Looks annoyed- Very well than.

A: Lets take a look at the final board. And the categories are Potent Potables, Things that go Moo, Movies that start with the word Brokeback, Pokemon rap, Money, Foreigners...

A: Which is just a big word for people who are different from us. And finally Is this a duck?

A: Unfortunately, Chii you are in the lead so please choose a category.

C: Underpants!

A: -Pause, while looking annoyed- Okay, L please choose a category.

CC: I take Pokemon Rape for 400.

A: That's Pokemon 'Rap' for 400.

A: Which Pokemon says Pikachu? I'll give you a hint. I just said his name.

CC: Squirtle!

A: Incorrect! Mr. Retardo.

M: -Raises hand-

A: Yes, Inuyasha.

M: Shippo!

A: No! The correct answer was Pikachu. Mr. Inuyasha it is still your go.

M: I take Pokemon Rape for 800.

A: Again that is Pokemon... never mind. Here I'll choose.

A: Movies that start with Brokeback for 400. The name of this movie starts with Brokeback.

CC: -Raise hand-

A: Yes, L.

CC: Anus.

A: No, but since you were close I'll give you that one.

A: Now for Final Jeopardy. The category is don't write anything. All you have to do is stand there and write nothing. Just-

CC,C,M: -Starts writing on poster boards-

A: What are you idiots doing? I said don't write anything. Stop it. Please Stop!

CC, C, M: -Stops writing-

A: Sighs, Okay Inuyasha show us what you have.

M: -Holds up poster-

A: You apparently wrote the word 'sit'.

M: -Falls to the ground-

A: Interesting, next we have Chii.

C: -Holds up sign-

A: Chii you wrote Hideki. How surprising, and you wagered.

C: -Flip sign over-

A: Your underpants.

C: -Holds out a pair of underpants-

A: That...won't be necessary. L shall we end this please.

CC: -Holds up sign-

A: Wow! You actually didn't write nothing. I guess that makes you the...

CC: -Falls over-

A:... and it seems that Light has finally killed L. -pokes CC with foot-

A: So I guess that nobody wins...again.

A:Tune in next time where are contestants will be Toph from Avatar the Last Airbender, Sakura from Cardcaptors, and...Sean Connery?

-End of Skit-

Please tell me what you think. Good or Bad.
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Post by LavenderSpikes » Mon Feb 11, 2008 7:07 pm

Made me laugh. L is definitely out of character,, whatever. I giggled, so it works for me!

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Post by Starlit Rose » Mon Feb 11, 2008 7:26 pm

To be honest, a lot of it doesn't make much sense. By that I mean some of the lines just seem really random.. :? The category that is "Don't do anything" isn't really consistant with itself because they're not supposed to write anything, yet they seem to have been expected to wager something (so they would have to write something).

L seemed out of character to me too, but I thought the "Since I am forced to stand my reasoning abilities have dropped about 40%" was cute and L would probably say that.

Also, be careful with the dialogue...Unless you're planning to perform this at an adult-y convention like The Reactor, most conventions are really strict when it comes to language and content of the skit. Saying things such as "hairy balls" and the like might not get the OK from the con staff that do the skit approving.

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Post by Jasdero » Mon Feb 11, 2008 8:08 pm

L is VERY out of charachter but whatever.
it is pretty nifty made mi giggle....
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