Unintentionally Anonymous Donations

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Unintentionally Anonymous Donations

Post by Genjitsu » Wed May 18, 2005 8:23 pm

First off, much love and thanks and assorted acts of intimacy to all donators who help keep ACP up. Please remember, however, to include your username if you are sending a donation in to upgrade your membership. I'll check the paypal e-mail address to see if it's in our member list, but if it isn't then I don't know who it's supposed to go to. I send out an e-mail to the paypal address, but I know some people never check it. Anyways, I've had a couple of these this month, so if you've donated and haven't been upgraded, please PM or e-mail me so I can make sure.

Don't want people to think that we scam you of your money or anything like that. After all, everybody knows I use the donations to buy peanut butter cookies and leave an IOU slip in a jar...

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