Persona 3 Uniform Blazer Help

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Kandi Kasumi
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Persona 3 Uniform Blazer Help

Post by Kandi Kasumi » Tue Aug 09, 2011 7:13 pm

Since my browser froze on me I have to retype this message. So any way, I just wanted some advice and/or help on the construction. I bought a blazer and skirt that I'm altering for the uniform. But I wanted some help on the blazer. Since I noticed that their uniform jackets/blazers aren't open nor have zippers (to my knowledge). I'm probably just going to keep it with the lapelles/flaps for now since I have 3 days to get this costume done by my con and mess with it afterwards.

I had already considering cutting off the lapelles and sewing it shut, but since I want to be able to put it on over my head I tried that and my boobs prevent that. If they weren't so huge it wouldn't be a problem, but that's pretty much the only problem I'm having with that. If I can think of some thing that would fit then I'll sew it up, but for now I'll probably just alter it to look like the uniform other then that.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, gotta get this and my other cosplays done by the 12th this week for Natsucon! Ugh!

Oh and here's a ref pic of the character/uniform. ... ist_CG.png

I wanted to say I got a blazer and skirt I'm altering, and I already have white knee high socks, and I even found a pair of brown loafers nearly perfect to the pair that Minako wears. And I plan on making an evoker but I may not have the evoker belt just because I need to find a plain white belt. Also need to either make or find the headphones. And thank the lord I don't need a wig because I can use my own hair. Yay!

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