ACParadise Presents HETALIA MUN Panel at Otakon 2010

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ACParadise Presents HETALIA MUN Panel at Otakon 2010

Post by jetspectacular » Tue Jul 27, 2010 6:44 pm

Hey everyone! Here are some details about the ACParadise + FUNimation collaboration, for Otakon 2010. A big promo event like no other, a Hetalia Model United Nations (MUN) panel!

Date: Friday, July 30
Time: 3:00 - 4:30pm
Room: Panel Room 3, 4th floor of BCC

I'm Jet, Moderator and Organizer of the Hetalia MUN panel here :D and I'll be moderating as The Hellenic Republic commonly known as Greece~

MUN is short for Model United Nations, a type of competitive debate event that is practiced all over the globe by high schools, colleges, and community teams. Unlike other types of competitive debate, this is team-based and very dependent on group cooperation. Students represent other nations as an ambassador or delegate, and voice their nation's interest in simulated bodies of the UN: The General Assembly, the Security Council, the World Health Organization etc. Conferences are hosted everywhere. In fact, the BIG WorldMUN (originally started by Harvard) conference this year was just hosted in Taipei. It's great fun if you're interested in traveling all over the country or out of country, and meeting people from all over the world. (You just have to do a lot of research about international topics and be a really good speaker XD;;)

Just because MUN is competitive debate doesn't mean it is all srsbiznez. At student conferences, shoes have flown, Prime Ministers have been held hostage for Cake, and Ladygagastan had become a new territory-- all while opening dialogue between rival nations and saving the world, one resolution at a time.

This Hetalia Version of MUN was designed like Moot Court; the topics and speeches are light-hearted, but the conference is run with Parliamentary Procedure and the whole panel will be *completely* unscripted! There has never been a scripted MUN debate, the debate goes wherever the participants vote for it to go! While we have speaking nations chosen, audience participation is GREATLY needed for votes and supporters. We can't brainstorm without more brains! besides, there are 192 Member Nations in the UN, and several more observer groups.. we definitely don't have all 192 ^^'

These are the proposed topics, which will be put to a vote to place them in order:
Working Lunch
It's that time of the day again, LUNCH TIME. The UN's Boss has graciously decided to treat the whole General Assembly to lunch-- with no Budget caps! It's a dream come true! but there is one catch, the General Assembly has to decide by majority vote what the menu for today will be. As a representative of your country, you can consider the following: What is the best cuisine your country has to offer? Are there other countries with similar tastes? Can we order up what you need from a restaurant or is homemade the best? And perhaps most importantly, can we get enough of it to share?

Interwebs Issues
The dramallama event that was Google vs. China earlier this year has jumpstarted new debate over the Internet and global issues. The UN's Internet Governance Forum is set for September 2010 in Lithuania, but someone accidentally wiped the hard-drive that contained the Agenda! The staff is too busy blogging about this durrhurr incident and recovering the past years archives. This has left the General Assembly to come up with new topics. As a representative of your country, you can consider: What's the most important thing regarding the internet and your country? Topics such as privacy, government censorship, transferring Domain Name power to outside the United States, Maintaining Internet services in situations of disaster and crisis, and government funding for broadband have been debated in the past, what should be brought back or new on this year's agenda?

Hippest-Thing in the World
Lets face it, the UN and International Relations aren't exactly the most trendy topics for young world citizens. That’s why the UN Department of Public Information needs a new way to promote interest in global topics to the next generation, and they've asked the General Assembly to help. How do we get young people skyping each other across the world and chatting about how cool and interesting world history is? Texting each other, tweeting about breaking headlines and imagining life outside their own borders? What new spin on world issues will get young people thinking about them and the history behind them after they’ve escaped class? What would the stories be about? Who would be hosts or starring characters?? and since any media is at the disposal of the Department of Public Information, what would be the best way to tell this story; A children's book series? A new ad campaign? An action packed movie trilogy? a series of made-for-TV dramas? historical musicals? Podcasts? Webisodes? Radio plays? Gameshows? Comics? The stories are endless and sky's the limit!
Come on out to see the fun of MUN and ask me if you're interested in locating a group at your school or university, there is a huge network and conferences each month :3

At the very least, come out and support your favorite countries and their proposals. Votes are everything!

There are several more Hetalia events at Otakon this year, including other fan panels! :D be sure to check them out! Other ACP events are listed on the announcement here:

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