Comic Con 2012 Convention Report

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Comic Con 2012 Convention Report

Post by waynekaa » Thu Aug 02, 2012 7:55 pm

San Diego Comic Con 2012

Pre-Con Day / Wednesday : Wednesday was the start of the infamous "Line Con". We were asked by multiple friends who requested to acquire the SDCC Exclusive Derpy pony from My Little Pony. We were first denied of purchasing the Ponies from Hasbro due to being an Exhibitor, and they only allowed the first few hundred attendees to purchase. While wasting our time waiting for more than three hours, we were eventually successful only two days later on Saturday where we performed a military operation in order to secure our allotment of three Derpys. We were smart enough to secure a ticket early in the morning.

Preview night itself was packed more than usual. It felt much more like a Day 1 of a convention with the crowd and rush of the attendees.
There weren't many costumers that day but customers filled the halls while grabbing free limited swag.

Thursday : This was the start of working with VIZ promoting Berserk and Blue Exorcist. Many anime fans had a great time at the booth checking out the new Blue Exorcist manga on Shonen Jump Alpha and taking pictures with Rin Okumura. VIZ was also handing out free postcards, posters and even fun Blue Exorcist badge card slips + screen cleaners. We plowed through a couple of boxes on the first day.

Friday : More Blue Exorcist work with VIZ working through the swag and helping with the Neon Alley Panel. They announced at the panel a new
channel app coming to PS3 where fans can watch Anime Dubbed on their TV screen like a regular TV channel. A great line up of series from VIZ and Tai Seng. Afterwards
Berserk autograph session with Eiko Tanaka, Founder and CEO of Studio 4ºC was successful with Strike cosplaying Guts accompanying her. ... 0184&s=867

At night Anything Goes School of Masquerade Arts practiced for the Masquerade. PARTY ON!

Saturday : Shonen Jump Alpha panel announced Blue Exorcist now any member can catch up on the chapters of the manga itself. In the
afternoon, we assisted the Shonen Jump Ice Cream truck passing out free ice cream! It was deliciously cooling for the hot weather. We ran
through 1500 less than 3 hours. ... 370&s=3079

Masquerade night was a blast mix with present and past. It was an Adventure Time! Thanks to Mario Bueno for the support! Presented to you by AGSMA

Sunday : Convention calmed down by this day. Plenty of attendees strolled in later but it became packed later the afternoon. Many
exhibitors ended up selling most on this day. We left mid day calling an end to the long weekend.

Overall : San Diego Comic Con never surprises us on how busy it keeps getting every year. It's still a great convention with events +
promotional swag for the fans. Working closely with VIZ this year was a whole new experience and it was enjoyable especially the free ice
Wayne of AGSMA

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