For Sale: Lots of wigs, various of colors and styles!

Looking to sell a costume or prop? Look no further!
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For Sale: Lots of wigs, various of colors and styles!

Post by tsukeru » Sun Jan 10, 2010 2:49 pm

I absolutely have to get rid of all these wigs. I am no longer using them and they're just collecting dust in their bags in my closet. Most wigs are brand new. Bought from various places such as Cosworxs, Amphigory and ebay. Free shipping within the US, but I will ship international. Paypal only please. All wigs are well kept and in excellent conditions. I will be willing to accept offers. Also, if you buy two or more wigs, I will give you even more of a discount!

#1 Bangless, white wig (never worn, from ebay) - $25.00: Image

#2 Punky red wig (Cosworxs) - $22.00: Image

#3 Punky auburn wig (Cosworxs) - $22.00: Image

#5 Rock Candy orange brass wig (Amphigory) - $22.00: Image

#6 Custom-dyed Tan Guy wig (Amphigory) - $32.00: Image

#7 Short, blond wig with highlights (ebay) - $18.00: Image

#8 Short, black/brown wig (ebay) - $18.00: Image

#9 Short, orange bob wig (ebay) - $15.00: Image

#10 Short, brown wig (ebay) - $18.00: Image

#11 Medium, blond with highlights (ebay) - $15.00: Image

#12 Short, brown curly wig (ebay) - $18.00: Image

#13 Short, dark brown Tyra wig (Amphigory) - $15.00: Image

#14 Willow (Cosworxs) Medium Burgandy Wig - $32.00: Image

#15 Pink, pigtail (with clips) wig (ebay) - $35.00: Image

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