please help!!!

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please help!!!

Post by aishi » Mon Jun 08, 2009 3:07 pm

Hello, I'm new here, and I need some ideas. I don't really have time or money for some real costumes, so I need ideas. I'm going to this cosplay party with my boyfriend and some friends (we're all 16). And none of us have any idea who to cosplay. Anything apart from Naruto/Bleach/Death note (too used up, right?) and lolita/school uniforms would be great. So, here are the descriptions:

1. I'm really short, I have medium brown shoulder-lenght hair with bangs green eyes. I want sth cute or sth sexy, prefrably both.

2. My boyfriend is somewhat normal height for his age, has short spikey blond hair and green eyes as well. Nothing too complicated for him.

3. My friend, girl, is very tall, has long brown hair with bangs and some purple highlights, and brown eyes. For her, sth vampire-ish, or similar.

4. Also a girl, medium height, long blonde hair, greenish-blue eyes. She likes dragons, green, mythical creatures and stuff, so sth epic for her.

Hope you can help and thanks :mrgreen:

sandman's lady
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Re: please help!!!

Post by sandman's lady » Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:07 am

i would suggest for you and your boyfriend the characters from Love Attack. Even if the characters dont have green eyes i doubt anyone will notice. ... AA240_.jpg check out the pic on this

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Re: please help!!!

Post by a38463846Q » Sat Jul 25, 2009 2:54 pm

well this is the best suggestion i can give you :

1. yourself maybe some one from lucky star, love hina, or the new series i recently seen asu no yoichi , that anime/manga has alot of characters you could possibly easily fit in, if you can find that costume of course. the characters that are in there are either really cute or extremly ecchi.

2. your boy friend sounds like he could play either cloud (including a good styled wig from some wig shop around where you live, or vash the stampede, not enough of those.

3. well your friend could be the one girl Reiri Kamura off of princess resurrection (an ecchi/ supernatural/ horror comedy anime/manga) who is also indeed a vampire with nothing but a long black sailor fuku (winter) and panchira every now in then, the character itself is very antagaizing and popular at her school.

4. well for your other friend i would suggest the main character from princess resurrection hime or oujusama, shes has a very haughty attitude and not to mention she is the it girl in that series, or if you want something epic you could attempt to do samus but something epic always cost something extravagant. there is also asuna from negima, or chi, but chi is very popular theses day 2nd to haruhi suzumiya.

thats all i can say for that though.

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