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Favorite Notification and Comments System

Post by waynekaa » Sun May 23, 2004 9:23 am

As requested!
For your favorites page
You are now able to turn on and off notifications about when someone on your favorites list has updated.

We have enabled this option in conjunction with another request, that E-mail notifications will go out when someone has updated some of their pre-existing costumes with better pictures. So when someone gets some nice pictures from EBK, Kyle, Lionel, etc you will find out. (Previously notifications only went out when brand new costumes were added.) Don't worry, you will still get notifications when new costumes are added, assuming it's enabled. My mailbox hasn't been flooded with notifications from my huge list of favorites, but the option is there for others should they like to use it.

Also, for our Celestial members,
They are able to view and delete any comments left on their costumes.
Comments will undergo initial screening by ACP staff and afterwards you can choose to keep or delete.

In your tools section, for the "favorites of" section, you will now be able to distinguish between regular users and those holding cosplayer profiles at ACP for your convenience.
Wayne of AGSMA

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