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ACP @ AnimeUSA + School Rumble Contest

Post by Genjitsu » Wed Nov 14, 2007 11:58 am

Don't forget, we still have one contest at the end of this month, School Rumble!

I haven't received any entries yet, and Funimation sent me a buttload of stuff for prizes, so if you know anyone that has a costume, convince them to enter! At this point they're almost guaranteed to win something. Or even better, make a School Rumble costume yourself! The uniforms are pretty cute and simple too!

The prizes for the Fate/Stay Night contest are being delayed a bit. I've mailed off the Hellsing prizes, as well as FS/N's first place, but the voter prizes will have to wait until next week. Also, if any of you know Heki-chan, please let her know that I am still waiting for her mailing address to ship off her second place prize!

We're busy preparing for AnimeUSA this weekend:

Looks to be a good turnout, I'm excited to meet all the east coast ACP members attending!

So be sure to check on ACP this weekend for video coverage of the masquerade...and maybe an extra bonus or two!

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