Aki Con $500 Cosplay prize

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Aki Con $500 Cosplay prize

Post by cosplay? » Mon Apr 06, 2009 4:16 pm

Info from the Aki Con Website :)
Aki Con is proud to announce AKI Con's Cosplay Showdown BEST COSPLAY SKIT prize is
$500.00 cash. That's right $500.00 cash! Cosplay Showdown is AKI Con cosplay skits event.
Cosplay's are limited to 5 minutes max. All other rules will be posted on the AKI CON contest
page. Sign ups for Cosplay Showdown will be on 11/7/09 Saturday Morning

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Re: Aki Con $500 Cosplay prize

Post by akicon » Sat Aug 15, 2009 11:40 pm

Thanks "Cosplay?"
we'll just add a bit more info.

Aki con has a new cosplay photo shoot area.

The room is fully decorated in three themes, winter wonderland, Graffiti Alley and Japanese Garden.

Check out the pre-con photo shoot at http://www.akicon.org/cosplayhall.html


This year Aki Con is also offering a $500 cash prize to the winner of AKI CON's Cosplay Showdown (cosplay skits).

Aki con has a couple new contests including Aki Con's Otaku's best dance crew contest, Aki con spelling bee, Aki con fan art and fanfic contest plus all of last years favorite contest such as AMV, singing, model, swim suit etc.

Aki Con is a 54 hour convention with a24 hour manga Library boasting over 5000 manga, a 24 hour Manga cafe, vendor room, 24 hour gaming room, artist alley, LARP fight arena, anime viewing rooms and more.

Check us out at www.akicon.org

And Spread the word!

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