Kumoricon 18+ Haikyuu PJ Party (Panelist needed)

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Kumoricon 18+ Haikyuu PJ Party (Panelist needed)

Post by HappyCakesRules » Tue Jun 07, 2016 11:34 am

Hey to all my volleyball dweebs!

I recently submitted a panel for an 18+ Haikyuu PJ Party! We're still looking for plenty of panelist to join in. We're planning on doing a Q&A with a fun activity we came up with.
For each person who asks any of the panelist questions they'll earn crow cash to save up and use to have a panelist act out a scene, make a confession to another panelist or tell a spooky volleyball story since Kumoricon is right around Halloween!

Characters so far:

I'm rarely on this site so if you have questions or would like to join please DM me on Instagram (:


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