Off-Con Photoshoot????

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Off-Con Photoshoot????

Post by Wiggy » Wed Feb 02, 2011 10:04 pm

Yo peeps,

I'm new to the whole cosplay photography thing. But I've participated in cosplay and been around the whole sha-bang since 2004. I have taken numerous traditional photo classes- so I'm not a total noob but digital I still have a learning curve and hoping to improve with the help of cosplayers! Its a win-win!.
I'm located in the San Francisco East Bay area and I'm looking to meet some other cosplayers who would like that shoot to show off their costume in an appropriate setting rather than a simple hallway photo!

Oh yeah- of course its free! It supposed to be fun!

My equipment is the Canon XSi, with the 18-55 lens, and I can borrow a friends 85mm f1.2L lens.

Email me if your interested!
Check out my FB page ... 808?v=wall
Or my ACS :]

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