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ACS Celestial Photographer #2: Galleries and Managing Guide

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2013 4:34 pm
by imariyumiki
This is step by step guide to showing you how to upload a gallery and managing photos. First Log In and then get to the Gallery menu by the following ways.





Clicking onto New Gallery, it's time to enter the specific information.

1.) Album Title : The title of your Gallery.
2.) Convention : Link the convention it was taken at, it'll be listed as a Convention Gallery. If you don't link a convention it'll be a regular Gallery on your page.
3.) What Day? : Which day it was taken at.
4.) Location : Where it was taken, country, state, city, or landmark.
5.) Equipment / Software Used : What equipment did you use to take the photos and which processing programs you used for the photos.
6.) Personal Thoughts / Comments : Any extra comments or thoughts about the photoshoot.
7.) After you are done you will click ADD/UPDATE ALBUM!

Success after you get this message. Now click the UPLOAD PHOTOS.

Click SELECT FILES and choose the files to upload.

This should be how the screen looks when you are uploading.

After the upload is complete, you can manage the photos. On the side bar, everything tagged will show up there. Click on the Image to select the photos.
1.) Link Cosplayer : Enter the name of the cosplayer and it will pop up for selection.
2.) Link Series : Enter the name of the series and it will pop up for selection.
3.) Link Event : If there is an event that this photoshoot was done for, you will link it to this photoshoot.
4.) Move to Album : You can move selected photos to a different album.
5.) Remove Photos : It will remove all selected photos.
6.) You can click SELECT ALL or UNSELECT ALL for a mass selection.

Once you choose which to do you click GO! to apply the changes.

These are the basics of uploading and managing galleries for Celestial Photographers. There will be another guide for Standards soon.