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Wig Submission Guidelines (Celestial Only)

Posted: Wed Nov 23, 2011 6:37 pm
by waynekaa
Here are the rules to Wig (standalone) submission at American Cosplay Paradise/Experience.
1. Celestial users only
2. Photos of the wig must be on a wig head (not on a person)
3. You are suggested to have several views of the wig including front/side/back views on the wig head
4. Wig must be styled by the Celestial cosplayer. In order to show that you did style the wig, you should write down your styling notes in the description. (We may ask you for before and after photos for proof). NO prestyled wigs should be in this section. I.e. If you bought your pre-spiked up SSJ3 Goku wig from China, you did not style it yourself and it should not be a standalone entry.
5. The wig should NOT go with a costume you have in your profile (you should just edit the costume entry for that and upload it into construction photos for that.)
6. If you are uploading a wig as a preview to an upcoming costume, you can place it under the costume under a VIP lock until the costume is completed.
7. The wig brand and name needs to be included in the wig submission so it is useful to other users.
8. Wigs not in compliance with these guidelines are subject to removal.
9. Any other questions feel free to ask/IM/PM me or <lj user="genjitsu">