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ACS Photoshoot Submission Guidelines

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2012 8:37 pm
by waynekaa
1. Photoshoots can only be posted by the photographer, NOT the subjects. If you are the subject and are posting photos under ACS photoshoots "as a photographer", your photos/album may be subject to removal.
2. Timed shots from your unattended camera do not count as you being a photographer.
3. Standard ACS account holders get 15 photos per photoshoot so pick wisely.
4. Standard ACS account holders with additional photoshoots with basically the same subjects and staging created to bypass the 15 photo limit on photoshoots, may be subject to removal.
5. Standard ACS account holders cannot submit photoshoots of Original Design or Original variant outfits. Please use the gallery option instead.
6. Celestial ACS account holders can submit photoshoots under any series.
7. Celestial ACS account holders can submit an unlimited amount of photos per photoshoot.