Anime Expo Photoshoots!

Perfect for all you creepy photographers.
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Anime Expo Photoshoots!

Post by renge » Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:17 am

Hello fellow cosplayers!

I will be traveling out to Anime Expo this year and would love to book more shoots!
I've been doing this for a while now, but I'm also a cosplayer myself! So, I think you'd all feel more comfortable with someone who does both!

For more examples of cosplay photography, check my Behance Cosplay Collection or flickr!

You can also message me on here:
Facebook Photography Page

Scheduling A Private Shoot
Since I am not your typical con photographer, I prefer not to have the "shoot and run" type photo that looks like typical convention shots. I would rather find a background or location, whether on convention grounds or nearby. We will talk and plan ahead of time so we can get the shots you want.

This also means I dedicate time, not only work, to a private shoot. I can do photoshoots up to an hour that would ensure a variety of high quality photos that you will receive.

I edit my own photographs with detailed, subtle retouching that enhances the overall photosets.

Since I do put a lot of work into these shoots, have professional equipment and training, I prefer paid private photoshoots. However, I am very reasonably priced, and willing to negotiate. It's not like I won't do free shoots ever, but remember, paid photoshoots are insured to get a complete set of fully edited photos, will be prioritized over others, and get their final photos much sooner.

So, what do you get?
- Up to 30 minutes OR up to an hour private photoshoot.
- Variety of poses (portrait & full length), angles, possibly different locations.
- About 5-10 fully edited high quality photos depending on the time/efficiency of the shoot. Longer time slots and well-planned shoots are more likely to get more photos. Also larger groups can get more due to the variety of groupings vs. individual shots.

In order to book a time slot, private message me what day/time you would like to do the shoot and for what costume. I will reply with the availability of your time slot as well as rates. If you are not sure all the details yet, but know you want to work with me, let me know as well.

Basic info about rates here!

Message me if you have any questions regarding these topics. I am very happy to work with you or slightly readjust to your needs.

Lastly before working with me,
there are a few very basic and understandable rules regarding my work.
- If you need to cancel, please do so as early as possible; preferably 24-48 hours in advance at least. Do not leave me hanging or show up really late to a shoot. I am understanding of unforeseen problems, but keeping in touch is essential then.
- Please refrain from your cellphone during the photos for I'd rather it not distract or take up time.
- Your friends are welcome to watch the shoot as long as they do not disrupt it or distract you.
- No editing of the final photographs, if you have a request let me know.
- No cropping the photos unless it's for a graphic.
- Do not remove the watermark, unless given permission.

- I offer prints from professional quality digital labs that can also be matted.
- I do non-convention shoots as well, message me for details.
- Referrals are not only appreciated, but rewarded with bonus deals.
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