New York Comic Con 2011 Private Photo Shoots

Perfect for all you creepy photographers.
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New York Comic Con 2011 Private Photo Shoots

Post by pixelstudios » Thu Oct 06, 2011 4:46 pm

Pixel Studios is an award winning freelance photography & makeup company that got its start in doing conventions. We have been guest photographers and panelists at a number of conventions and fashion shows on the east coast. This year, we will conducting we are conducting private one-on-one & group photoshoots at NYCC 2011!

If you're going in costume, and want your own half-hour or hour-long photo shoot, complete with editing and optional makeup and styling, please check us out!


If you'd like to reserve a session over the weekend, please check out the information and sample photos below:


Photo sessions are by the half-hour or the hour.

***Half-hour sessions start at 30$ for a single person, and 5$ extra per additional person. They take place at one or two locations.

***Hour-long sessions will start at 50$ for a single person, and $6 extra per additional person. They will take place at multiple locations, to get various feels and backgrounds. (Best for groups!)

+++Photo Make-up services are offered at no additional charge. We have photo-specific powders that we will help you apply upon request.

+++Full makeup & styling for your character's look is ten dollars per person, and can take up to half an hour. We will do a consultation online to determine the best look for your face to 'transform' your look into your characters. We have many samples of previous makeup jobs, and are happy to provide for interested parties.

Our Process

We will select the best photos from the shoot, make any additional changes, and send them to you within two weeks of the date they were taken. While we may use your photos for publicity if given permission, we do not watermark our photos, unless requested.

For NYCC, we will be available Thursday-Sunday. Shoots available 10:00am-10:00pm. Contact us to reserve a time!

To reserve a time, or if you would like additional information, please contact us at

If you'd like to reserve a time, please email us with the following information!

Date & Time you are Available to Shoot:
What/Who you are Cosplaying:
Half-hour or Hour-long shoot?:
Individual or Group Shoot:
If Group, how many people?:
Would you like us to bring free photo-ready makeup for you?:
Would you like a makeup consultation?:

Sample Photos


For more of our photography, check out!!

If you'd like to see feedback from cosplayers we've shot before, please see our Feedback Post, Here:!

Thank You
We Hope to See You At NYCC 2011!

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Re: New York Comic Con 2011 Private Photo Shoots

Post by CosplayKitteh » Thu Jan 05, 2012 6:16 pm

Holy Cow! These photographs are absolutely amazing! I mean, the costumes are absolutely mind blowing, but I think the composition, posing and lighting of the photos really capture the essence of the costumes. The photographer really made these cosplayers shine! I certainly hope that my first cosplay costume turns out just as nice. Although these cosplayers appear to be a tad more seasoned than myself. Tell me, would you guys recommend prescription colored lenses to complete a costume? Just curious! ;P

Hopefully the tips I found in another thread will help me out. Anyhoo, rockin' stuff. Any chance they'll be at the next New York Comic Con? ;)
Cosplay Kitteh. :3

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Re: New York Comic Con 2011 Private Photo Shoots

Post by jj7947 » Tue Jan 10, 2012 4:36 pm

Just wanted to comment, the costumes are mind blowing and the photography is amazing !

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