Tekko 1/2 (Sat. October 4, Pittsburgh, PA)

(New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, etc)
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Tekko 1/2 (Sat. October 4, Pittsburgh, PA)

Post by Feytaline » Thu Sep 11, 2008 4:25 pm


Tue Sep 02, 2008 12:37 pm

You asked for it and you got it..

Tekko 1/2 returns, bigger and better than before!

October 4 2008 10:00AM - 10PM!!!

Best Western Parkway Center Inn
875 Greentree Road,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15220

This year promises to be bigger than ever. Panels, video games, tournaments, videos, and a hall costume craftsmanship contest!

Admission is $10 at the door.
If you pre-register for Tekkoshocon VII at 1/2 you get $5 off of your pre-registration!

Check back at the http://www.tekkoshocon.com Tekkoshocon main page for more information as we ready Tekko 1/2's new web site!

So.... anyone here going? This isn't shaping up to be the last few year's Tekko 1/2's, which were basically glorified hang outs at the library (not that that wasn't fun!) This is an entire one day mini-con, and I'm hearing rumors there may even be some special appearances! So if you're in the area, this would be worth your while for a chance to cosplay, hang out, and have some fun!

I will be there running the hall craftsmanship, HOPEFULLY in a new cos. :( I really look forward to seeing a lot of great entrants!

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Post by Feytaline » Mon Sep 29, 2008 5:25 am

The Hall Craftsmanship Competition Rules are up on the forum!

Also, check out the 1/2 webpage!

Tekko 1/2 has guests!

Carrie Savage is delighted to be coming to Tekko 1/2!

Carrie has had the awesome privilege of voicing characters such as "Rakka" in Haibane Renmei, "Maromi" in Paranoia Agent, and "Shima" in Stellvia. More recently she can be heard as "Solty" in Solty Rei, "Asta" in Trinity Blood, "Haruka" in Rumbling Hearts, "Penny" in Shin Chan and "Priscilla" in Gunxsword. She's currently having tons of fun voicing cute, cuddly "Mokona" in Tsubasa Chronicles and even recently got to voice a My Little Pony Toy! She has also had a fun time voicing characters in video games and more anime shows such as Suikoden 5, Tales of Legendia, Romancing Saga, Gankutsuo, Dear.S, and more!

Carrie also has a heavy background in Theater and is very small time film actress. She also loves traveling around the world helping struggling children and adults in 3rd world countries such as Africa and the Philippines, and feels very lucky to have been able to do so!

She absolutely loves voice acting for Anime and is looking forward to recording more shows in the future. She is very much looking forward to seeing everyone at 1/2!

Uncle Yo will be showing up to make you laugh at him--and yourself!

Since first emerging , Uncle Yo has appeared at numerous conventions to perform his unique stand-up comedy aimed exclusively at the geek community.

Armed with his giant D20, Uncle Yo celebrates all brands of geekery: anime, comic books, video games, LARPing, Star Wars, RPG's and manga.


Tekko 1/2 would like to welcome its musical guest Battlecake!

Battlecake is a five-piece instrumental band from Carnegie Mellon University that mainly plays covers of popular video game music. The band is comprised of Sam Chien (Guitar), John Lee (Guitar), Adam Lederer (keyboard), Eugene Kang (Bass), and Tedo Salim (Drums). The band was originally formed in the spring of 2008 by John and Eugene, the other members joining over the following summer. Since that time, Battlecake has built an extensive repetoire of songs from games such as Final Fantasy V, Chrono Trigger, Tetris, and, of course, Super Mario Bros.

Hope to see you there!

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