How to make MIMA KIRIGOE from Perfect Blue

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How to make MIMA KIRIGOE from Perfect Blue

Post by Celeste_Orchid » Wed Mar 14, 2018 1:17 pm

I wanted to make this cosplay for a long time. It's from such a crazy psycho horror movie that doesn't get enough love. I felt like this was such an easy costume so I created a video for construction. You can use some of this tutorial to make the red version of this dress.

First: Watch the video. This will help give you an idea of how to begin creating the costume.

This get your materials:
  • Dark brown bob style wig with bangs
    1nch wide satin Red ribbon for the headband
    3 yards (or more depending on your size) of white taffeta fabric
    2 yards of pink satin fabric
    1-2 yards of lace
    white thigh highs
    long white gloves
    hook and eye
    McCalls pattern 6343 for the bodice
    Simplicity pattern 5006 for the skirt
    (for obvious reasons) white and pink thread
    iron and ironing board
    tape measure
1- Use the bodice pattern from 6343 to create the top. (I used the white taffeta also as the lining, just out of convenience). ONLY ASSEMBLE THE PIECES. DO NOT SEW THE LINING TO THE TOP.
2. Measure the distance from your waist to your mid-thigh/a few inches above your knee area: keep this measurement for cutting the white skirt. You'll be using this to also cut out the pink skirt.
3. Now use the skirt pattern from 5006 and only cut the length of white to the length of the measurement you just took. Cut it out. Now unpin the pattern and use that newly cut skirt piece as a pattern to make three more. Use this skirt piece to cut out the pink skirt. Now CAREFULLY cut the pink skirt in half. (I did this by measuring how long the skirt length wise and divided this by two. Then I used that number to make small marks and then cut it in half)
4. With the remaining pink fabric cut 1 long 2 inch strip for the bodice top (notice we didn't sew it in the first step). Now cut SEVERAL long 4 inch strips for the white bottom skirt hem. (Which is gonna be hugggeee)
5. Sew the pink skirt together and hem the bottom. Sew the white skirt together BUT DO NOT HEM THE BOTTOM EDGE.
6. Sew all the 4in pink strips together. Put the raw edges together and iron it down to create a LONG 2in strip of pink trim. After ironing, sew a line at the top to prevent them from shifting when ruffling.
7. Sew the long pink (now tube) edging to the edge of the white skirt with a BOX PLEAT. It's worth it. If you run out make sure to make more 4in strips and repeat the same process.
8. Base stitch both pink and white skirts together.
9. Measure from the top of the bodice to your shoulders and add about 4-6inches to that measurement. This will be the straps to the bodice. Cut four long 6in strips. Then sew the edges together except one, then turn it inside out. Repeat this for all straps.
10. Use that smaller piece of pink that was cut in step 4 and ruffle that in the front of the bodice, base stitch that down and positioning of the straps.
11. Base stitch the skirt to the bodice.
12. Put the lining and the bodice front with the straps, skirts and ribbons inside of the right sides together( of the lining and the bodice) Sew the top and bottom: Basically making a huge pocket. Then flip inside out HIDING ALL THE SEAMS!
13. Add the zipper AND NOW THE DRESS IS DONE.
14. (If you don't care about the garters then you're practically done just need to wear it. For those extra folks: measure your thigh with the elastic. Make sure its snug but not too tight: cut it at that measurement (make two of them; one for each leg)
15. Use a zigzag stitch to sew the lace around the elastic. Sew the ends together for the elastic.
16. Wear your wig and use the red ribbon to create a headband and little bow.


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