Idolmaster: Casual Clothes

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Idolmaster: Casual Clothes

Post by TheWolfBunny » Tue Apr 10, 2012 4:09 pm

Hello, come one, come all! I have special tutorials for you! If you want to make Idolmaster Casual Costumes, have I got them for you! Choose one that you would really like to make and work on:
Haruka Amami: ... -284200835
Chihaya Kisaragi: ... -284201244
Yukiho Hagiwara: ... splay&qo=3
Yayoi Takatsuki: ... splay&qo=5
Ritsuko Akizuki: ... play&qo=15
Azusa Miura: ... splay&qo=1
Iori Minase: ... splay&qo=0
Makoto Kikuchi: ... 0072&qo=14
Ami and/or Mami Futami: ... 0072&qo=13
Miki Hoshii and/or Awakened Miki: ... 0072&qo=12

Tutorials are not avaliable for Takane and Hibiki, but I have the Casual costumes right here:
Takane Shijou: ... &id=804131
Hibiki Ganaha: ... 400314.jpg

Which one will you choose? Can you make it your own way?
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