Wig and Lycra Glove Tutorials by Lady Thesta

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Wig and Lycra Glove Tutorials by Lady Thesta

Post by Lady Thesta » Sat Apr 02, 2011 7:13 pm

Over the years I've been cosplaying I've stumbled my way through quite a few (failed) projects. And of those projects I've managed to learn some techniques that I thought others might find useful, so I put together some tutorials on them. All my tutorials can be found on my dA account (ladythesta.deviantart.com) but I thought I would post them here as well.

Adding Hair to a Wig - http://ladythesta.deviantart.com/art/Ad ... 01703&qo=4

The Cheaters Guide to Pigtails - http://ladythesta.deviantart.com/art/Ch ... 01703&qo=3

Lycra Glove Sewing Tutorial - http://ladythesta.deviantart.com/art/Ly ... 01703&qo=2
And Lycra Glove Sewing Tutorial 2.0 - http://ladythesta.deviantart.com/art/Ly ... 01703&qo=0

Salvaging a Near Un-salvageable Wig - http://ladythesta.deviantart.com/art/Sa ... 01703&qo=1

As I continue to improve my costuming skills, I hope to add more tutorials to the list. If anyone has any questions on the tutorials, feel free to ask. If you use them, all I really ask is that you send me pictures of the finished product so I can list different projects the tutorials were used for (an credit would be nice).
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