Kraine Commissions: Open for the Summer & into Fall

Looking to commission a costume or prop? Look no further!
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Kraine Commissions: Open for the Summer & into Fall

Post by rinchansflower » Wed May 16, 2018 10:50 am

Hello! I am Ashley, also known as Ukraine Kraine. I’ve been cosplaying for 9 years now and have at least that much experience in sewing. Further examples of my personal work can be found here: ... t=costumes and my client work here:

What I can do:
Sewing/Garment Construction.
Small Props & non sewing related details (anything non fabric that might be on the costume, some armor work, etc.)
Simple Embroidery & Bead work (examples of that can be found here: and here:
Some wig styling. (I have some experience in doing semi complicated wigs. Examples are here:, here: and here:

What I can NOT do:
Large Props.
Badges/Patches. (I do not have the equipment or experience for this)
Air brushing work. (I do not have the equipment or experience for this)
Interested in commissioning me? Please see the information I will need below!

I will need you to send a clear and detailed reference photos as you are able to provide of the character, design, or idea you want made. If this is an original work, we will work together on a design. (Please note that any original design that is created will be added to your quote). I will need you to list all of the pieces you want made, so I can provide a proper quote.

We will discuss the materials you will want to be used on the costume, as well as any misc details you would like. If you do not have a preferance for the materials that are used, I will decide them for the project. I will also need a date that you would like this to completed by. Please give a minimum of at least 3 months for any project you want completed. I will need that time frame to order materials as well work on the project.

Once everything is agreed upon, I will invoice you for the first half of the payment. All payment will be through paypal. Half of the quote will be needed immediately, and half when the costume is finished. The first half acts as a down payment for materials as well as holding a place in my commission slots. The time frame for the costume will depend on the reference & materials needed for the project. I will provide you with an as accurate time frame as I am able to. I will always follow up with progress photos as I am working.

If you are interested in a commission, please feel free to email me at Thank you!

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