Commissions by Mykaios - Costumes, Wigs, etc OPEN (fall/win)

Looking to commission a costume or prop? Look no further!
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Commissions by Mykaios - Costumes, Wigs, etc OPEN (fall/win)

Post by Mykaios » Wed Jul 11, 2012 8:29 pm

Pictures of my work can be found on my facebook.



May thru mid-August: FULL for full costumes.
September: OPEN
October: OPEN
November: OPEN
December: OPEN

PLEASE EMAIL ME FOR A QUOTE (I will not respond PM's)

COMMISSION REQUEST FORM - Costume: user name:
Second deadline (being a later date than the first):

MEASUREMENTS (US measurements):
*Bust/bra size if you're female - otherwise chest
*Neck to waist front
*Neck to waist back
*Sleeve length from shoulder
*Sleeve length from armpit
*Leg/pant length
*Shoulder to shoulder front
*Shoulder to shoulder back

Please specify what you need.
*Outfit (fabric elements)
*Shoes/shoe covers
*Anything else?

Payment method:

COMMISSION REQUEST FORM - Wig/Other: user name:
Second deadline (being a later date than the first):

Payment method:


I am available to make cosplay costumes, accessories, props and wigs! Whether it's simple or complex, I am here to help. I am a commissioner and I hand make pieces to custom fit YOUR measurements and wants/needs - specifications. I've been cosplaying and sewing since 2003. I am self taught but I have taken some classes at FIDM and AIP. I've also worked in costuming with Disney (with costumes not in them) so I've spent a lot of time studying Disney costumes and construction while I fit people into costumes and make small alterations. I choose high quality fabric, but will consider alternatives if you are on a budget.

My interests include Disney (obviously), Game of Thrones, SNEE, PS1&2 rpg's, MLP:FiM, and Assassin's Creed, Blizzard games, Skyrim and TYPE-MOON works.

Further information about artists and commission work and material and labor costs can be found HERE! It's something that those who want to commission and those who want to get commissions done should read.

Labor consists of the following:
*Researching for and purchasing materials
*Finding more references
*Drafting a pattern to your measurements
*Cutting out the fabric according to the pattern
*Digitizing embroidery patterns/files
*Making sure it fits on the dress form
*Serging and finalizing hems/seams
*Making adjustments as necessary
*Detailing: i.e. beading, painting, etc
*Adding zippers, buttons, snaps, velcro, etc
*Sculpting forms if necessary
-Making molds for said forms
-Casting final forms in resin

My quotes (material costs + labor + shipping + paypal fees = total). An itemized list can be requested.

I use a Brother SE-400 and Brother 1034D Serger.


Base wig prices as follows on Arda:
Short: $30
Medium: $35-38
Long: $40-65
Specialty wigs: vary
Short wefts: $9
Long wefts: $15
Clip in pony tails: $15/each
Shipping: $8.08

Styling products: vary
Dying products: vary

My fees (excluding shipping):
Simple styles (cuts, curls, waves): $25
Spiky styles, volume/extra wefts, extra pieces: $50
Gravity defying styles, Up dos, ponytails, etc: starting at $75
Custom dying: varies on length and how many colors used, etc

These prices are loosely based on the average salon price for normal hair services. Some salons also offer separate wig styling and specialty services that actually cost more than what I've listed.

I only accept paypal and require a 50% deposit. If you need a payment plan, don't hesitate to ask. Please keep in mind, that your commission has to be paid in full at least two weeks before your deadline. Please note that your deadline is not booked until you've made a deposit.

I do not offer refunds. Should for some reason, I miss your deadline (and I'd be terrified and stressed if I did but alas, life is full of unexpected events), a form of compensation will be provided. Trust me, I'd rather miss your deadline, and make something of high and top quality and as accurate it can possibly be.

**Shipping: In the U.S. I use Priority Mail with delivery confirmation AND INSURANCE and it takes 2-3 days. International shipping varies, due to customs check. USPS only offers tracking for Priority (6-10 days [excluding customs], about $48 (for their large flat rate box) to the UK and Express International (3-5 days [excluding customs], about $75 to the UK to major locations. Should you opt for the First Class shipping method (which is the least costly and slowest), I will not be responsible for anything getting lost or undelivered.

Communication is very important to me as it should be for you. I try my best to send emails and give updates and sometimes, I even give out my number (no calls please) in order to text my clients while I am shopping for supplies or send picture updates. If I contact you, I expect you to contact me back, even if you've already found someone else. If something's come up or I have a question, I will contact you just to let you know. ALL updates are posted on my facebook page.

Having read all of this, hopefully, you will also sign a contract (please read that as well) that acknowledges that you have read this at the time your deposit.

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Re: Commissions by Mykaios - Costumes, Wigs, etc OPEN (summe

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