Leather commissions being taken.

Looking to commission a costume or prop? Look no further!
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Leather commissions being taken.

Post by DOC_Chaos » Fri Sep 23, 2011 11:09 am

I am new to ACP but have been on cosplay.com for many years now and I'm looking to expand my network and meet new people.

Bodices and bracers, pouches and pouldrons. Belts, bags, cuffs, armor, holsters, sheaths, and leather straps.
Complete that perfect cosplay outfit with a touch of leather. I work with only 100% genuine leather, everything is hand cut, stitched, and dyed. Have a piece that needs some intricate tooling detail, I can do that too.
I also work with garment leather for skirts, jackets, jerkins, etc..
Please send reference pics so I can give you an accurate quote.
You can view exmples of my work http://www.flickr.com/photos/mua_smarti ... 649251346/
I accept paypal and GreenDot MoneyPaks.

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