Sell: A bunch of costumes

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Sell: A bunch of costumes

Post by Dokudel » Sat Jan 17, 2009 3:23 pm

I tend to make myself a nifty amount of costumes. But I dont wear them that often cause I make so many. As well as to make room for newer costumes. So here is what I have to offer.

Toad from Super Mario Brothers
Size: Medium, $50 with shipping
Head, vest, and pants.

Pretty Sammy from Pretty Sammy
Size : Extra small fit a child, $20 with shipping
Top, sash, skirt, and legwarmers.

Battle scarred Cammy White from Street Fighter
Size: Small, $50.00 with shipping
Hat, bodysuit, one soft glove and one hard gauntlet.

Vice from King of Fighters
Size: Small, $60.00 with shipping
Black undershirt, red vest, black skirt, shorts, and stockings.

If your interested in my other outfits I may be able to sell or make a new one for you. Message me here if you want exact measurments or anything else.

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