[SELLING] Complete Cosplay Sets (Stocking, CC, Taiwan) + etc

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[SELLING] Complete Cosplay Sets (Stocking, CC, Taiwan) + etc

Post by sungminnie » Sat Nov 02, 2013 11:51 am

Livejournal Post: http://cosplay.livejournal.com/3818198.html
What I currently have up for sell (SCROLL DOWN & CLICK FOR PICS AND LINKS! Prices are without shipping btw.):

Stocking - SET (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt) — $210USD
C.C - SET (Code Geass R1) — $165USD
Taiwan - SET (Axis Powers Hetalia) — $132USD
Chrome Dokuro - Boots + Skull Pins only, Lambo Horns included as a free bonus (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) — $70USD

Nia Teppelin - Blonde and Baby Blue Wig (Gurren Lagann) — $45USD [see here -> http://cosplay.livejournal.com/3818198.html]
• an approximately 65-70cm wavy brown wig — $20USD [see here -> http://cosplay.livejournal.com/3818198.html]
Stocking - Thigh High Wide-Striped Socks only, still in packaging. Made in England. [for photo, see full Stocking cosplay set] (PSG) — $14USD


1.WIG [Indigo blue & pink. About 120cm.]
2.DRESS [Made with beautiful black and white velvet, for the exception of the collar piece on the dress and the bottom white of the sleeves. This was sewn by a professional seamstress and the quality is absolutely amazing, It's very accurate in detail to the dress Stocking wore in the anime.]
3.BELT WITH A GIANT BACK BOW [Comes seperate from the dress. Can be secured with metal buttons]
4.HAIR BOW [Made with the same fabric as the belt of the costume. Can be attached to hair with a clip.]
5.PETTICOAT [Black. Multi-layer. Worn to help puff up the dress when you wear it.]
6.SOCKS [1 pair. Large stripes that matches what Stocking actually wears. Made in England.]
7.DRESS SHOES [Around a size 7.]
Bonus — Nail Polish [matching the blue that Stocking wears]

C.C: $165USD

1.WIG [Green. About 90cm]
2.BODYSUIT [Also known as C.C's white straitjacket in season 1. Made of thin water-proof pleather. The stitching is NOT the best and there are one or two /very/ light stains on the costume but overall, it's in great condition. Real belt buckles were used for sleeves.]
3.DETACHABLE BELTS [2 separate belts are included and can be slid through belt loops on costume itself. 1 tapeable fabric "belt" is also included.]
4.WHITE SOCKS [Stretchy, mid-thigh in length.(*not shown in photo because I forgot, but it WILL be sent with cosplay set!!)]
5.PLATFORM BOOTS [White. About a size 6-7. Made of thick but wearable pleather. Goes up to knee-length and heel is 3 inches tall]
6.CHEESE-KUN [Stuffed plush. Around 70-80cm. Will be shipped vacuum-packed to save space.]


1.WIG [Chestnut Brown. Wavy. About 70cm.]
2.LONG-SLEEVED QIPAO SHIRT [Made of a beautiful pink embroidered fabric and golden trim. Sleeves go past hands.]
3.SKIRT [Double layered. White cotton on the inside, gorgeous see-through white fabric on the outside.]
4.PINK FLATS [About a size 6-7. Small half an inch hell.]
5.HAIR ACCESSORIES [2 pink flower clip-ons with golden ribbons(?)]
Bonus — False Eyelashes in Brown


* All sales are final. No trades. I'm only willing to hold if you're 100% sure you're going to buy.
* I ONLY accept Paypal.
* I am located in Canada and shipping via Canada Post is known to be quite pricey. Maybe cheaper if you live on the west coast. PM me with a zip code and state, or postal code and province and I'll be sure to get back to you with a shipping quote asap.
* I ship all parcels with Delivery Confirmation. Insurance will cost an extra $5. Let me know if you'd like insurance before I ship off your things.
* If you have any further questions or would like more photos or detailed shots of the costumes, please feel free to ask!! I'm always happy to answer any concerns you have before purchasing any item(s) from me~ You can contact me either here, on cosplay.com or shoot me an email at sungminnie.selling@gmail.com!

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