Looking to sell a costume or prop? Look no further!
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Hey folks! Well it’s that time again. I am selling more cosplay stuff. I am finally wanting to let go of Yoruichi, man. I’ve worn it to like every con I have been to (like 3) and i feel like its holding me back from creating new stuff so I am ending it.

Orange Gi Yoruichi - $75 (100 with wig)

=Just selling the orange Gi with the padding and everything. Should fit up to a size 37 waste (that was what it was originally meant for…I measured wrong though. My waste is much smaller than that. Also, it has elastic so it’ll fit a bigger size comfortably!)
Only selling the Gi because the turtle neck and black leggings are things you can find at walmart, However, if you want me to throw them in I could for like 15 bucks. turtle neck is sz M and leggings are L.

CAPTAIN YOUICHI (Coat/armbands/waste wrap/hakuma etc) $175 ($200 with wig)

=Comes with everything! I wish I had better photos of everything but yeah. Fits comfortably! Has black elastic around the waste line that blends in with the black fabric for easy size adjusting. Can bit up to a 37 waste or bigger. Ends of the pant legs have elastic installed too to help create that badggy look. You will most likely (if you are busty like me) need to find a white shirt or something to cover the bust area. But if you aren’t too busty you can just wear it however you want (lucky you!). Velcro to attach the snaps in the back of the neck.

The wig itself is just $25. That comes with the ponytail as well. The true wig color you an see is in the first image. Pretty damn close to her actual color in the anime. took me forever to find a wig that color.

I will even throw in the red ribbon and the cloth around the ponytail. For free!

SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! No flakes! No holds! Whoever sends me money first gets whatever first. And there is only one wig…so I guess whoever buys the wig first gets it first.

my paypal is ccewulu@yahoo.com

Send me a message if you are interested (via tumblr).

If you want anymore info let me know! If you guys could reblog this so everyone can see it, that would be great.

Images by: @edmartinez @photographybyemory

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