Devil Hunter Yohko and Rose Bride Utena-Desperately need to

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Devil Hunter Yohko and Rose Bride Utena-Desperately need to

Post by syberiawinx » Thu Mar 28, 2013 12:29 pm

I saved up for a con that's coming up in little over a week, and I spent quite a bit of my savings to buy cosplay for the event. The seller lied about the size and condition of both outfits, so neither fits me, and no one seems willing to buy them. I desperately need to sell or trade these, and it's looking more and more like I'm not going to have anything to wear for the con. It's the only con I go to, so I want to dress up for it. I really hope someone is interested.

Height 5'3'' Chest 35'' Waist 28'' Hips 37''

Utena Tenjou (Rose bride) from Utena: Vest, dress, cuffs, crown, and shipping. $150.00

Yohko from Devil Hunter Yohko: Dress, arm bands, leg bands, size 9 heels, and shipping. $50:

The Yohko costume has a tear below the zipper in the back. The Utena dress has some small, faint stains on it that I don't think will come off. They're only noticeably close-up, at least. I did not know about either of these things when I bought them, can't fix them myself, and the seller refuses to refund my money. She just keeps telling me to buy stuff and fix them on my own, which I have neither the money nor the skill for.

If you would rather trade for them, I'm open to suggestions. Some cosplays I'd like are girls' school uniforms from Persona 3, Fate/Extra, Hell Girl, and Ouran High School Host Club.

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