Naminé cosplay for sale!(:

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Naminé cosplay for sale!(:

Post by Toxicshower » Sun Oct 21, 2012 4:17 pm

Hi I'm selling my Naminé cosplay with the dress and wig as a set. I'd prefer to keep them together. This was commissioned by my friend who's going into design school so it really well made.

The dress is made in 3 layers:

A bottom layer to make it not see through.
The while layer for the actual design
And a top sheer layer so it doesn't wash you out and could be worn by anyone.

The scallops were done very nicely, mostly by hand.

The wig was cut and styled by my friend as well.

The size is bust 32, waist 27, hips 33 but could easily fit smaller and a little larger( mostly in hips and bust)

I love this cosplay but I doubt I'll wear it again. I only wore it once for a short time at Kumoricon and I didn't do a lot in it. I'm looking for like 65 plus shipping or so. If you have an offer either pm me or email me at
Thanks for looking!^^

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