S-XL Cosplays, Need to go ASAP!

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S-XL Cosplays, Need to go ASAP!

Post by YaoiKatGrrl » Wed Jul 18, 2012 1:19 am

Pictures can be found here: http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=296857

Len Kagamine
Price: $35 + Shipping. Size: L/XL
Includes: Top, Sleeves, Bottoms, Obi

Yuki Sohma
Price: $20 + shipping. Size M
Includes: Wig, Shirt, Tie

Ranma Saotome
Price: $15 + shipping. Size: M/L
Includes: Shirt

Sakura Haruno
Price: $20 + shipping. Size: S/M
Includes: Top, Shorts, Belt, Accessories

Sho Minamimoto
Prices: $15 + shipping. Size: S/M/L
Includes: Jacket

Drocell Cainz
Price: $70 + shipping. Size: M/L
Includes: Coat, Pants, Shirt, Bow

High School of the Dead Damaged Shirt
Price: $15 + shipping. Size: M/L

Pink/Lavender Split Wig
Price: $40 + shipping.

Short Light Purple Wig
Price: $15 + shipping

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