Selling Fallout Style Nerf Vulcan EBF Mod! REDUCED PRICE!!!!

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Selling Fallout Style Nerf Vulcan EBF Mod! REDUCED PRICE!!!!

Post by Forboda » Mon Apr 16, 2012 4:59 pm


Well, not really. I recently made this Modded Nerf Vulcan EBF for MTAC Omega and had a blast! Now i want to get started on my next project!

Price reduced to 130 + S&H!!!! Also still open to offers! Dont hesitate to message me!

Now listed on ETSY! ... lout-style

Here's the deats!

-This is a Wastelander/ Fallout themed gun.

- I took the liberty of sanding down all the nerf logos and other workings i didnt like to make it less like a nerf gun.

- Filled the screw holes on to make a more seamless and realistic feel.

- Added realistic wear and tear.

- The gun is fully functional and will come with two ammo belts.

- All hand painted by myself with high quality paints!

Im going to be very fair on pricing as the base price for a normal Vulcan EBF is expensive and im not here to make a massive profit, just enough to get a start on my next project.

Here's the Pictures! (UPDATED PICTURES!)




Feel free to post offers and questions here!

I can ship anywhere in the US and Canada (because I love Maple Syrup.)

Paypal is my friend and should also be yours too! I only accept payment via Paypal.

(Shipment costs will be based on where you live.)

(Please Note, I will most likely not do returns what you see is what you get, if you want more close up pictures and details feel free to message me. I am also not responsible for what you do with the gun, so don't go around screwing with cops. :L)

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