For Sale: Misa Death Note Costume

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For Sale: Misa Death Note Costume

Post by Ingii » Thu Apr 12, 2012 9:35 pm

I haven't worn this costume in a few years, so it's looking for a new home!
I bought the skirt and shirt, and modified the shirt--I sewed on all of the lace, and completely re-sewed the sleeves to give them a bell-shape. I took off some things that were on the skirt originally.
The bow goes all the way around the neck under the color, and is hand-tied (I sewed it myself).
The costume fits a XS/S comfortably.

Since I didn't sew this completely, I'm asking $40 + S&H. I also have the wig, which would be an additional $15 (please PM me if you're interested in a photo). The shoes (please PM me for a photo of these, as well; they are size 6/6.5) would only be $5 extra, as they have a bit of wear on the heels.

Thank you for looking!


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