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Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 9:32 am
by Hyokenseisou
I'm cleaning out my closet (so to speak) and selling a whole whack of my older costumes that I haven't worn in a long time. With that being said, these were personal costumes so they have been worn at some point in time, but are all cleaned and ready for a new owner. I've priced them pretty fairly as they are older costumes and some are not as greatly made as they costumes I've making now (obviously because as the years go by, I get better, etc). I'm just looking to clean up some space and earn just a little extra spending money for PAX. If they're not all sold, then they WILL go in the garbage :(

Each costume listed for sale, below will have the year made, character name and series, the parts included in that character package being sold, size (bust, waist, hips), and price. The year made will reflect in the price.
Please do not ask me things like "does Ada come with shoes???". Is it listed that she does? No.


2007 - Edward Elric - FMA: Conqueror of Shamballa http://hyokenseisou-cosplay.deviantart. ... 4931&qo=21
-white dress shirt
-green vest
-arm bands
Will fit 30b, 26w, 36h, OR 5'5" 115lb person

2006 - Nakoruru - Samurai Showdown http://hyokenseisou-cosplay.deviantart. ... 3163&qo=20
-white and red kimono
-arm gloves
-yellow waist tie
Will fit 5'5", and up to130lb person

2010 - Vanille - FF13 http://hyokenseisou-cosplay.deviantart. ... 4960&qo=31
-pink tank top
-yellow skirt
-brown fur butt cape
-tan pouch
-boots (size 7.5, might fit 8)
-all the beading
Will fit 30b, 26w, 36h, OR 5'5" 115lb person

2009 - Kazeko - Chaos Gate http://hyokenseisou-cosplay.deviantart. ... 3149&qo=21
-yellow hoodie (size small)
-black shorts (size 4)
-black hat
Will fit 30b, 26w, 36h, OR 5'5" 115lb person

2008 - Rider - Fate Stay Night http://hyokenseisou-cosplay.deviantart. ... 3149&qo=19
-black dress
-arm gloves
-purple trim for arms and legs
Will fit up to 34b, 26w, 36h, OR 5'5" 120lb person

2009 - Ada Wong version 1 - Resident Evil 4 http://hyokenseisou-cosplay.deviantart. ... 3944&qo=20
-red dress
-black bb gun (in alternate picture)
Will fit 30b, 26w, 36h, OR 5'5" 110lb person

International shipping available - to the calculated


I'm pretty much never on here, to email to purchase -