Ai Enma from Hell Girl

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Ai Enma from Hell Girl

Postby InnocentRogue » Wed Apr 13, 2011 12:19 am

$35 or best offer.

It's spring cleaning time & I'm cleaning out my cosplay closet. This Hell Girl (Ai Enma) cosplay has only been worn twice & has been treated VERY well so it's still in excellent condition.

Size: I can't remember the exact measurements, but my waist is 29" & my chest is 36". It was slightly tight around my waist & slightly loose around my chest so if your measurements are within an inch or two it'll probably still fit you fine.

This costume only comes with the shirt, skirt, and ascot thingy. No wig, socks, or shoes. If you want those too send me a message & I'll see if I can find them. They're probably still buried in my closet somewhere. XD

Shipping is not included, but if you message me with your zip code I can tell you how much it would be. ^_^



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