Etna (Disgaea 1) Costume!

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Etna (Disgaea 1) Costume!

Post by Feytaline » Thu Oct 21, 2010 2:12 pm


You get every part of the costume pictured EXCEPT the boots (for sale separately) thigh highs, ears, contacts and possibly earrings--depends on if I can find them or not.

For full gallery of the costume, please go here: ... 20costume/

WIG: The wig is freshly washed and will come to you unstyled, in a bag, as pictured in one of the photos. It looks a bigger mess than it is--the fibers CAME like that. It aids in the styling, trust me. It was an Etna wig from ... er, I honestly forget the seller on eBay. Small pieces have been cut to make her little spikes above the tails. You'll be able to pick them out easily.

COLLAR: As you can see, the ring is removable. It is also not painted. It is CHROMED. This thing's metal. :D Measures about 13.

TOP: Like all of the black parts, made of a thick pleather. It's about a 33-34''. I would recommend binding regardless since she's so flat chested. Wings fit under it. Separating zipper. The 'bat' part hem got a little wonky one one side as pictured.

WINGS: Made of whisper vinyl. Elastic is 27 inches and stretches of course. Wire inside holds the shape. Pretty comfy to wear. Once they're on they have more shape.

SKIRT: Sits on hips, about a 33'', around 37 further down. Hidden zipper under white flap. The white flap has the marks from the black pleather or buckles--I honestly don't know what, but it comes out with more every time I pulled it out from storage until I put a piece of cotton over it. I cannot get these scuffs out--soap, rubbing alcohol were tried, and I did take that into consideration when pricing.

GLOVES: These were my first or second attempt, and this material sucks to work with. They're kinda gimp. Consider them a freebie.

BRACELETS: Wooden, painted and sealed. One tiny scuff on one.

TAIL: Tuck it into your spankies and go! Very comfy. Measures about 52''. Whisper vinyl to match the wings. Wire inside may be broken at one point but hasn't jutted through or anything. Nice and sproingy, makes great poses. A safety pin is holding it on to the top part, but it's working stronger than any stitches I could put in.

I believe that is everything. I'm asking for $150 including shipping in the US. I worked my butt off on this thing despite the damages I don't think you'll be disappointed! If you also would like the boots (listed separately) I'll give a discount. :D You can check out my ACP if you would like more pictures of it worn!

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