Etna Boots (Women's Size 7) Full cos to follow!

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Etna Boots (Women's Size 7) Full cos to follow!

Post by Feytaline » Wed Oct 20, 2010 2:52 pm

Selling used Etna boots, good condition! Base is a size 7 "go-go" boot, cut down to accurate height and hemmed by my beast of a machine. :D

Full album here: ... acos/Etna/

The album includes full measurements of the straps and the inside as well as details of all damages (listed below) and craftsmanship down to them. I actually didn't take pictures of the length of the shoes, but given every other 7 I've worn--trust me, they're your standard size 7. For pictures of them worn, a link to my Etna on ACP.

Eyes are glow-in-the-dark paint--eyes in the ref "glow". Heels painted gray with outdoor enamel paint, again to match the ref.

A black eyelet on one boot is popping out. Easy fix if you can find a black eyelet, and if anyone is looking that close at your boot... um There's a Sharpie mark above buckle on one boot. Slight scuffs to the "teeth"--just need to be retraced with an enamel marker.

I believe I wore them once? for a shoot at AUSA, and maybe around the house to break them in a little before that, so they are in really good condition.

I'm asking $35 + shipping via USPS. Zip code is 15243, weight is a little over 1.5 lbs. If you are interested in the entire costume, I'll be posting more on that soon (still gotta take pictures of the wings, tail and wig) and of course combined shipping = discount.

Thanks and feel free to ask anything if the photos and description didn't answer it. PM is the fastest way to get a response!

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