Kairi Kingdom Heart II Cosplay For Sale

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Kairi Kingdom Heart II Cosplay For Sale

Post by twostarscythemeister » Sat Jul 20, 2013 1:00 am

Hey there, I have a size medium/large Kingdom Hearts II : Kairi cosplay that has never actually been worn if anyone would like to purchase it from me. I have no problem paying for shipping, and the price is negotiable. I payed 160$ for it, and since it's never been worn, I would like to get some (not all) of that money back. I'm willing to go down to 90-100$ for it.

I'll include the bag/belt that she carries with her, but I don't have the bandeu top/tank top to place underneath it other than a lace panel that could be used.

Here's pictures!

Measurements (Approximately?) : 34-36" Bust, about a size 10-12 in dresses. I'm a size 14 in dresses, and a 38" bust, and I couldn't fit into it when it got to my bust area however, I'm very curvy. This would probably be no problem for someone a little smaller than I am. The bag is adjustable so it will fit no matter your hip size. It's not very stretchy at all, so keep that in mind, I don't want anyone to be disappointed.

The reason I'm selling it: I had this commissioned by someone on a forum, and they somehow managed to mess up my size even though I know I gave them the correct ones, *shrugs* it's in the past, but I'd love to get this out of my closet and let someone else enjoy this gorgeous dress. I would have loved to wear it but alas, it wasn't meant to be.

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