An advice for Comic Con 2009

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An advice for Comic Con 2009

Post by Minya » Tue Mar 03, 2009 8:38 pm

(I haven't been speaking English for a long time, sorry about it and please let me know if you cannot understand what i'm trying to say)

I'm an international student in SanDeigo reagion who is from Asia and an insane fan of cartoon/anime/cosplay

This is my second year in the US and i just heard from my folks that Comic Con 2009 will be held during late July (it's July right?)

What i'm trying to say is... i reaaaaaaaaaally, reaaaaaaaaaally want to go and do some A.P.Hetalia cosplay with my folks; Unfortunatly i can't since my visa is going to expire around that time.

It is kind of hard for fans from some other countries to attend the summer con, because each year those who hold an F1 visa (one of those for foreign students) have to go back to their homecountries to renew their visa around this time, in order to continue their education in the US.
(Because in some specific countries, it's very common that visa-renewal applications been rejected for several time)

Would it be better if the summer con is slightly earlier? maybe around late june, early july or middle July. It'll be a lot easier for us to go to the summer con, really.

I'm not sure if i post this topic in the correct place...i'm new here.Sorry....T_T

Anyway thank to all who take the time clicking into this topic...:-)
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Re: An advice for Comic Con 2009

Post by waynekaa » Wed Mar 04, 2009 10:08 pm Comic Con is July 23-26
But Anime Expo (in Los Angeles) is July 2-5 if that is better for you
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