Lancaster Cosplay Potluck Gathering!

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Lancaster Cosplay Potluck Gathering!

Post by Assiduity » Wed Mar 09, 2011 8:53 pm

Lancaster Cosplay Potluck Gathering!

Date - - June 24th (Friday)
Location - - Apollo Community Regional Park (Lancaster, California)
Address - - 4555 West Avenue G
Lancaster, CA 93534
Time - - Noon to 5pm
Host - - Assiduity
Co-Hosting - - AVAC

Additional Information:
- Everyone must bring food! This is a potluck, so anything is allowed!
- Can cosplay, which is more hinted at anyways!
- Anyone can come!
- Simple get together that'll be fun!
- The park is HUGE and vast! We'll be at the far playground area within the park that has metal spinny stuff (Images to come to show this!)!
- Lancaster is apart of the Antelope Valley, for those who didn't know!

What's there:
- A mass lake, which you can fish if you want to.
- Ducks.
- Dirt walk path.
- Tables and shade.
- More than one playground.
- Wide open space area.

- - - - -

That's right!
A second gathering in Lancaster, California!
Last year, I put together a gathering and it turned out better than I thought it would, so it didn't take me long to decide and go for another one for the 2011 cosplay year!

Parking is free, as well as getting into the park.

It's a potluck, so please bring food!
It can be from chips to cupcakes!
Just bring something or we're not eating!

If anyone has suggestions if they'd like to do something, such as games, let me know!

Anime Valley, Ani-Magic is what it was called, members are going to come, due to them being in the same area and this also will help with them as well.

Also, the Antelope Valley Anime Club within Lancaster is going to have members attending and is going to help with me this event!

If you are coming, simply comment and if you'd like, bring some of your friends, but let me know how many people you're bringing!
(And if you have a the forum can be found here so you can comment there if you have an account!:

Again, you MUST bring food!

If you're maybe coming, let me know either way!

Why post so early?- - Last year, a few people didn't get time to see the post and thus, many missed out and wished they could come! Thus, wanting people to see it sooner and spread word of this! Also, to get help and ideas with this since this is my second time putting on a gathering!


Cosplay Progress:
- Celica A. Mercury (Blazblue) - 80% ;
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